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Star Shift Origins tells the story of the first crew of the Dauntless. Trapped in an alternate reality and on the run, the crew desperately searches for answers while being hunted by the relentless Earth Systems Alliance (ESA).



There are no levels in Star Shift Origins; skills and stat increases are managed by Knowledge Points acquired from battle.


In addition to the standard turn-based combat, there is a tactical battle system for fleet and army combat.


Unique skill trees exist depending on a character's species and class.


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Constructive my ass, you ask silly things xD like Why captain in waking up at beggining? 

Because i wanted xD too many games start with protagonist being waked up. And you say stupid feedback, why there isnt any plot?, and at 5 minutes there is a big one and takes all to 20 years to past. 

You are jealus that my first proyect is awesome and more interesting than your starshit. And dont worry, now got a lot of custom assets and my two new proyects are awesome. Futuristic vehicles, dungeons, cities, outlands... And double sized not like your game, look for childs and small like RTP hahahah....  I know you hated it because had RTP too but, im sure my new game Ankhway: The interplanetary Legacy is going to be more famous than your star shit and boring tactics. And i dont want critic profesional stupid, i just wanted try my first proyect and i said to you i know is not good as your game (because using your free assets) but you think you are a pro or something and want roast the poor first proyect demo, not with me morron, nah men, youre stupid and wait for karma, Ankhway is going to be famous and you will cry with your star shit xD I have spoken.


I'm sorry that I hurt your  feelings when I gave honest feedback about your game needing a lot of work.

The game was full of jank:

I got nothing against you and hope that someday you can make a good game and work on your mentality becoming a little less fragile when other people give you feedback about your game.


Blabla, you dont hurt any feelings, i dont care about shitty feedback that complaing about silly things as why protagonist is being waked up or there isnt any plot (at 5 minutes there is a big one) yes game is not good, was my first proyect, but you wanted to critic as professional, lile your game is so good and mine shotty, i see you in real life, i kill you.  i only wanted someone try it, you are an idiot complaining about someones first proyect, i dont need waste more time


Ah and dont worry, instead you thing it hurts me and i stop developing, i dont care about shitty feedbacks as i said, it probably gives me strengh to continue, now my new proyect is awesome, shooting system with the mouse and cursor, custom DOUBLE SIZED, NO SMALL LIKE YOUR EDITS OF RPT and yes, no more time to lose, you will see someday my proyect as i said is going be more famouss than your star shot (shit) you wanted to roast someone first proyect, what he does in 2 months learning and making? Is okey, but this time you enconter wrong person. As i said you didnt give any constructive, only silly feedback, i can handle needs more work, bugs and blabla but not stupid questions like you know. And stop wanting drama, go fuck you and your stat shit, loser. Im gonna be a winner and laugh off the ass of you


I tried to give MacKiller96 constructive feedback on his game and he basically lost his mind. 


The game I tried that he didn't like my feedback on:

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Okay, I've noticed this Marius K /MacKiller96's retaliation spam of multiple "Do not download this game" messages are rather rude because he didn't like constructive feedback and decided to be.  

Because if his game was reviewed on YouTube by a few RPGM reviewers we know a few that would be brutally honest and did this crap it would get him banned for his actions.  they would give similar types of reviews and be just as honest as you were with yours. 

I would also report him because instead of asking where the bugs are located or where he could improve his game he's trying to be illogical about his review and rather rude to the point that he filled your game review boxes telling people not to buy your games. 

Well, I played Star Shift Origins already but played it again and I'll say it again It was a great game and liked how much time and work you put into it before its release, and looking forward to Star Shift Rebellion in February and Still playing the Star Shift Demo in July. 

This game is a fun, yet fairly short jrpg-style game with both tactical starship and unit battles, as well as fairly standard turn-based away team ground battles. If you’re a fan of jrpgs and science fiction, you should definitely check it out, as sci-fi rpgs are hard to come by. While there might be a few minor nitpicks, I’m sure these will clear up as the developers continue to hone their craft.

Definitely looking forward to future games in the series. :D

Thanks for the review, Aesica. Appreciate it!

Great game! Some issues, but I really enjoyed it.
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Thanks again for playing our game, Hawk. And yep, I felt similarly for most of the issues you mentioned.  Appreciate your feedback. Most of the issues won't be in Star Shift Rebellion, fortunately. Origins was started and completed in several months; meeting deadlines. 

Glad you still thought it was a great game. Planning to redo the maze maps in Origins; also doing something about that second tactical battle!