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This RPG Maker MV plugin limits the usage of certain items to specific classes. It's loosely based on Musashii's Class Items plugin with master2015hp's modifications. It was then heavily modified by Yoroiookami, with modifications by Edfisher and Psychronic.

∙ Certain items may only be used BY certain classes.
∙ Certain items may only be used ON certain classes.
∙ Three different modes for handling unusable items.
∙ Special stamps for unusable items.

You may use the notetags listed below in Database -> Items to determine which class can use each item, and which items can be used on each class.

<usableByClass: id>
Class which may use this item.
If no notetag is set, the item will be usable by all classes.

<usableOnClass: id>
Class on which the item may be used.
If no notetag is set, the item will be usable on all classes.

This plugin allows you to specify how to treat classes which are excluded from interacting with certain items. There are three different modes - Vanilla mode based on Musashii's base settings, Hidden mode and Locked mode.

displays all items and makes them usable by all party members. However, if the target's class doesn't allow for that item to be used, the effects will be skipped entirely. This means that actors are allowed to waste their turns by using items that have no effect on the target.

displays appropriate items only to party members whose classes allow them to use said items, while hiding all unusable ones.

displays all items to all party members, but disables their usage for actors whose class does not allow it.

This plugin CAN be used for Commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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Just updated to fix a bug where skills would take on the characteristics of the last item used. 

I will try it someday...

Sounds good.

This could come in handy

It does!